To obtain a career-oriented, full-time position as a full-stack PHP/Javascript web developer, with a chance to learn various APIs and languages.


Coder Camps, Certificate (Angular 1)
Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts, Journalism
Michigan State University, Post-Graduate work, Journalism
Art Institute of Phoenix, Web Design and Interactive Media


Alpha Beta Kappa honor society (gold key holder)
3.9 grade-point average (Art Institute of Phoenix, with highest honors)
Art Institute of Phoenix best portfolio award
Founder, Larazona Laravel meetup
Nomination for Student Success Stories (national Art Institutes recognition)


Full stack developer with an emphasis on the back end. HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery and ES 5/6), Ionic 1-3, Laravel 4-5, Drupal 8-9, Yii 1-2, VueJS 2, Zend Framework 1, Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap 3/4, SASS/LESS, Angular 1/2/4, NPM, Gulp, Elixir, Mix, Firebase, Mongo, Node CodeIgniter, Google Maps JavaScript API, Stripe, Algolia, MailChimp API, bash (comfortable at command line), Vagrant, Docker, Laravel Forge, Git/Subversion, Redis, Photoshop, Illustrator. Proven ability to become proficient in any framework, API or language.


  • Web Agency

    January 2017 - Present

    Worked on various Fortune 500 websites and web applications on variety of platforms including Drupal 8-9, Yii Framework, Laravel and VueJS in a CI/CD agile environment. Built modules in Drupal 8 and worked with Twig templating. Worked with legacy code bases. Built interactive web applications combining back-end and front-end technologies (PHP and JavaScript). Modeled data in Yii and Laravel Eloquent. Wrote an Ant build script/bash automation script. Worked with MySQL, MS SQLServer and Maria DB database technologies. Coded projects in Vagrant CentOS boxes.

  • Aunt Rita's Foundation (Part-time)

    September 2019 - Present

    Built a Laravel website for a local non-profit to provide community members information about the foundation. Worked with executive director to develop content site-wide. Site originally included Authorize.net integration so the foundation could accept donations and ap memberships. System was later changed to a different service. Site uses Mailgun email integration.

  • Fitness Company (Part-time)

    December 2016 - November 2018

    Wrote Ionic 2 mobile app, which was later upgraded to Ionic 3 for local fitness training company that allowed client to run her entire business from her app and allowed trainees to manage their fitness training programs through the app. Trainer could track the progress of her clients through a back end of the app. Features included lift tracker (exercises and weight-lifting tracking), injury tracker, weight tracker, food logs and more. Included Tumblr and Instagram integration. Written in JavaScript ES6 and ES7 and HTML/SASS. App was about to launch on iOS platform, but client canceled project just short of App Store submission due to losing interest in it and concerns about mounting bills.

  • Copper Star Digital

    January 2017 - December 2017

    Co-founded web design/development start-up with business partner. Built several websites over the course of two years, in both part-time and full-time capacities. Company became full-time occupation in January 2017. Used Laravel and Vue to develop websites. Wrote back ends for each website, so clients could administer their own websites. Worked on front end of websites as well, using Twitter Bootstrap. Worked with Stripe for e-commerce offerings. Also built PayPal custom API for one client. Wrote all back-end MySQL queries and managed database for each site. Left company because it could not provide income.

  • More Active, LLC

    March 2016 – December 2016

    Worked on MyPlan subdomain website (core of their product offering) in back-end capacity as well as created various websites for front-end clients. Worked with Foundation responsive framework and CodeIgniter PHP framework. In back-end capacity wrote API of our core offerings for client consumption using Laravel 5.2 framework. Refactored and debugged poorly written legacy code. Worked in Docker environment.

  • Spear Education

    April 2013 – March 2016

    Worked on many aspects of several company websites. Wrote controller actions and methods. Wrote raw SQL queries. Modeled data. Ran SQL reports. Apitionally, performed some front-end tasks. Developed various enhancements and sections of Zend Framework 1.12 website. (Later, led team toward Laravel 5 when the opportunity and the need for change arose.) Developed order tracking system for dental learning modules. Wrote various administrative components to manage consumer-facing assets. Developed video creation toolkit project management system using Limelight API. Wrote HTML5/CSS3 markup. Website heavily used jQuery. Helped write parts of content management system. Skinned with Twitter Bootstrap. Assisted in development of companion websites.

  • Universal Laser Systems

    July 2010 – March 2013

    Developed multiple websites and web applications, including consumer-facing brand website, integrating several different APIs. Designed and managed multiple databases. Wrote data models and controllers. Sites included global website, developed in CodeIgniter. Site was available in 13 different languages and with dynamic location-finder maps written using Google Maps API. Site allows a customer to learn about products, configure them and contact a local channel partner through a customized sub-website. Also built sales lead administration AMD-style web application developed in Laravel/Backbone with Require.js. The application was a mini-CRM that pulls leads from database and allows staff to validate sales leads.

  • iTheatre Collaborative (Part-time)

    January 2009 – Present

    Developed a website for a local theatre company. Originally a CodeIgniter website, the site was rebuilt in Laravel. Used Twitter Bootstrap for responsive web design. The site highlights the current season, as well as recaps of past seasons. For many of the seasons, users can explore a season of their choice and read bios of actors, actresses, and crew, as well as view carousels of production photos. Google Maps integration. Users can donate online. Sparkpost integration. MailChimp integration.

  • Restoration Bodywork and Massage Therapy (Part-time)

    March 2009 – Present

    Built a website for a local massage therapist. Originally a Flash site, and then a Laravel site, built an Angular 1 site on MEAN (Mongo / Express / Angular / Node) stack. Features a blog with a login-protected back end for entry of posts and tags. Client ultimately decided not to bear the cost of Node hosting, so the Laravel project is currently the site that is live. The site is built around elements of nature to produce a calming effect. Features a custom logo designed by Code Alchemy. Google Maps and Sparkpost integrations. Used Twitter Boostrap for responsive web design.

  • Lambda Phoenix Center (Part-time)

    August 2007 – October 2010, September 2012 – October 2018

    Built an object-oriented Laravel 5.2 (PHP/MySQL) website for a local civic organization, using custom Stripe e-commerce system to register members for recurring memberships or one-time payments. Used Twitter Bootstrap for responsive web design. Heavily object-oriented core. Integrated Twilio SMS service and MailChimp mail API. Back end allows board of directors to update front end meetings, news, events and other items. Searchable membership database that connects to Stripe. Roles-based system for privileges on back end.

  • Spring Break, Inc. (Part-time)

    July 2006 – July 2011, October 2012 – April 2014

    Built a Laravel website for a local events-oriented organization. Used Foundation for responsive web design. Built a content management system to administer site. Website was restyled every year to match the colors and theme of the major event.


Available on request.