Web Agency

Skills: PHP • JavaScript/jQuery/Vue • Drupal 8/9 • Yii Framework 1/2 • CSS/LESS/SCSS • Twitter Bootstrap 3/4

In 2017, with the company he helped found failing, he left for this company, a small Phoenix web agency with Fortune 500 clients. That made the company unique. A small team managed massive websites. This made the challenge unique, and that appealed to Scott.

The company's codebase is ever-evolving, working to use current web trends to deliver features for reliable, high-traffic websites. This David and Goliath structure may seem unusual, but it is a relationship that has worked for the company for many years. The small team is able to meet tight deadlines to deliver sometimes massive website updates or new products. In 2020, with the arrival of the pandemic, the company quickly pivoted to a remote development system that proved the company could meet any demand.

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Aunt Rita's Foundation

Skills: PHP • Laravel • SCSS/CSS

With a long history of volunteering for Aunt Rita's Foundation (ARF), Scott was asked to redesign the foundation's website in 2019. The executive director at the time was familiar with Scott's work because he had overseen his work years before at Care Directions. He had been pleased with the result (see testimonial), so he asked him to take on the new project.

Scott worked closely with the executive director to develop content for the site. New and expanded content was the focus at the time. The executive director wanted content that more closely reflected ARF's mission in the community. Scott also worked with the ARF's graphic designer to come up with colors for the site that were ADA-compliant. The site is currently undergoing some changes to improve its compliance. A new executive director recently came on board and he plans to work with him to improve the site's design.

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Copper Star Digital

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Twitter Bootstrap • Stripe • jQuery

Scott co-founded Copper Star Digital with a business partner in early 2017. He and his partner marshaled their combined clients and began working to gain new clients.

Over the course of the year, they built a series of e-commerce websites using Laravel and Stripe. The sites were launched at various domains and featured a lot of different features. Some were for businesses. One was for a non-profit that held fundraising events.

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More Active, LLC

Skills: PHP • MySQL • CodeIgniter • Laravel • jQuery • Foundation • Docker

After leaving Spear Education, Scott joined the three-person development team at More Active. More Active is a fitness company that has online fitness products managed through a CodeIgniter website built several years ago. More recently, a Laravel API was started.

Scott, working in mostly in back-end capacity, faced the challenge of helping to refactor legacy PHP and JavaScript and improving its structure and flexibility. The code base was massive, so it was a daunting task.

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Spear Education

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Zend 1 • Laravel 5 • Bootstrap • jQuery • Redis

In 2013, Scott left Universal Laser Systems for a larger challenge at Spear Education. This is when he discovered the difference between creating a website and creating a web application. At Universal, all of his work had been on websites, even though some of them had partial content management systems.

Building a web application takes web development to a whole new level. Spear's public-facing website is an e-learning, subscription website for aesthetic and restorative dentists. But the company-facing website is a full-fledged application used daily by most of the several dozen employees at the company to perform their daily duties.

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Universal Laser Systems

Skills: PHP • MySQL • CodeIgniter • jQuery • Campaign Monitor

Scott was recruited to the company in 2010 from his Art Institute of Phoenix portfolio show. His first project was to help spearhead the revamp of the company's flagship website.

The ULS website was the fruition of two major efforts. The first was partially undertaken before Scott came on board with Universal Laser Systems. The pages were laid out, but there was not much functionality. It was all also strictly in HTML with tremendous duplicated code. His responsibility was to make the site interact with the customer. So it was transferred to the CodeIgniter framework, popular at the time, but since largely unused. This was accomplished within a few weeks and the site was launched globally to a couple dozen top-level domains in ten different languages.

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iTheatre Collaborative

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Bootstrap • jQuery

This site was first built in 2009 to give a local theatre company a presence on the internet. Their old site was outmoded and their domain was unwieldy. A new site was designed to match their brand identity and a lot of content was written for it to fully reflect the theatre company's mission, vision and history.

As with other sites, the site went through several PHP iterations. First it was raw PHP, then it was CodeIgniter, and today it is Laravel, in which it will remain. The site has been through two designs and is in Twitter Bootstrap today. A new design is planned for was completed in 2019.

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Restoration Bodywork

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Bootstrap

While Adobe Flash is not Scott's strong suit, building this site and a couple of others proved he can learn any framework. In 2009, he approached a friend who had a website for his massage business built with GoDaddy's WebSite Tonight. GoDaddy's limited choice of templates had never pleased his friend, so Scott agreed to work with him to develop a design that would match the company's aesthetics of the Chinese elements.

Flash allows for an almost limitless combination of animations and other interactions. But too much of that can interfere with the use of the site and sometimes comes across as gimmicky. Scott chose to keep the site simple in its animations, so that the user experience was more about the relaxing mood of the website rather than on the developer's prowess with ActionScript 3.0.

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Lambda Phoenix Center

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Bootstrap • jQuery

Scott's first website was the Spring Break, Inc. website in 2006.

Following on the success of his work with Spring Break, Scott was asked to develop the Lambda Phoenix Center website in 2006. At the time, the site's website was a single page plus a contact form that had been hijacked by casinos. Lambda is Spring Break's sister organization.

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Spring Break, Inc.

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Foundation

Scott's first website was the Spring Break, Inc. website. He built the original site in 2006 and then constantly redeveloped the site every year up through 2011. This was the site Scott built as he taught himself HTML, CSS and PHP, so it pre-dates his enrollment at the Art Institute of Phoenix. Again, this site is proof of his ability to quickly learn a technology during the development and implement it on deadline.

The site changes every year, as the organization chooses colors and a theme for their annual April event. The website has always reflected those colors and themes over the years. A community-designed logo is also always part of the project.

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