More Active, LLC

Image of More Active, LLC website

Skills: PHP • MySQL • CodeIgniter • Laravel • jQuery • Foundation • Docker

March 2016 - December 2016

After leaving Spear Education, Scott joined the three-person development team at More Active. More Active is a fitness company that has online fitness products managed through a CodeIgniter website built several years ago. More recently, a Laravel API was started.

Scott, working in mostly in back-end capacity, faced the challenge of helping to refactor legacy PHP and JavaScript and improving its structure and flexibility. The code base was massive, so it was a daunting task.

Working in a Docker environment, Scott tackled daily tasks to improve the code so that it functioned as expected in all cases. Sometimes this required completely rewriting the code; sometimes it required some simple reorganization.

In addition to this, Scott worked directly with More Active clients, helping to build small websites for them. Other times, Scott worked with the company’s content management system, which allowed clients to have custom websites they could edit.