Lambda Phoenix Center

Image of Lambda Phoenix Center website

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Bootstrap • jQuery

August 2007 - October 2011, September 2012 - October 2018

Scott's first website was the Spring Break, Inc. website in 2006.

Following on the success of his work with Spring Break, Scott was asked to develop the Lambda Phoenix Center website in 2006. At the time, the site's website was a single page plus a contact form that had been hijacked by casinos. Lambda is Spring Break's sister organization.

The website went through several iterations. First it was raw PHP, then it was in CodeIgniter, then finally Laravel. Over the course of a decade, Scott added many new features and took the front end through several different designs, using both Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap.

Some of the features include Twilio SMS integration that allows an administrator to send out a bulk text to users, a CMS that allows an administrator to manage meetings, fellowships and articles, and a membership management system. It also features an automated MailChimp newsletter that goes out every week, sending all of the current articles from the home page to current subscribers.

The site also has Stripe e-commerce integration, with about 10 different membership levels. Members can join and then log in and manage their membership. They can renew or cancel their membership, update or remove their credit card, change membership levels and more.

This was a part-time position that Scott left in 2018 and a new website has since replaced it.