iTheatre Collaborative

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Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Bootstrap • jQuery

January 2009 - Present

This site was first built in 2009 to give a local theatre company a presence on the internet. Their old site was outmoded and their domain was unwieldy. A new site was designed to match their brand identity and a lot of content was written for it to fully reflect the theatre company's mission, vision and history.

As with other sites, the site went through several PHP iterations. First it was raw PHP, then it was CodeIgniter, and today it is Laravel, in which it will remain. The site has been through two designs and is in Twitter Bootstrap today. A new design is planned for was completed in 2019.

On the website, you can sign up for a MailChimp newsletter. The site includes much, but not all, of iTheatre’s history, with photos and details of past shows, including cast, crew and directors. More recently, biographies of the participants have begun to be added to recognize those active at the theatre.

Currently, the administration side of the website is under development. This will allow an administrator to manage the shows and seasons through a point-and-click interface. Also coming next year will be some front-end search features to make the site more user-friendly. As the number of shows has grown, it has become more difficult to navigate. Work has been put on hold by the pandemic because the theatre was not staging shows.

Other usability tweaks are coming in 2021 (once the theatre reopens) as well, to make it more accessible to those with disabilities.

As this cutting-edge theatre company continues to grow, this site continues to evolve.