Copper Star Digital

Image of Copper Star Digital website

Skills: PHP • MySQL • Laravel 5 • Twitter Bootstrap • Stripe • jQuery

January 2017 - December 2017

Scott co-founded Copper Star Digital with a business partner in early 2017. He and his partner marshaled their combined clients and began working to gain new clients.

Over the course of the year, they built a series of e-commerce websites using Laravel and Stripe. The sites were launched at various domains and featured a lot of different features. Some were for businesses. One was for a non-profit that held fundraising events.

For instance, the non-profit site held several events each year. Each event required a different payment structure, so code had to be written to flexibly accommodate the different structures from event to event. A lot of JavaScript was required for the checkout page as well, so users could interactively modify their registrations before submitting the form.

Another site was for a local merchant, who wanted to sell a variety of handcrafted goods online. An online store was built for her, so she could add products, upload images of her products and manage her orders. Customers could also check on the status of their orders through their accounts.

A third site, actually started before the formation of Copper Star with the business partner, but continued under the Copper Star umbrella, was for helping to recognize unpaid community efforts. This e-commerce site allowed users to purchase memberships to promote those endeavors. As members, they could perform various tasks to help champion their team.

Scott left Copper Star in late 2017 Cyberitas Technologies.